Their comes a time in every ones life when they need to hit the brakes and take some time out. We’re not talking about a week off from work, We’re talking about really hitting the brakes. Unfortunately very few people do it. John Harney never thought he would. But he did, he slammed on the brakes so hard he fell out of the life he had lived for too many years.

“I found myself on a journey of discovery of distant lands and myself”.

Through my camera’s eye is about John’s adventures in southern Sumatra with his cameras (yes cameras. John is a lifestyle photographer with over 20 years experience). A place where he discovered a different way of life, a beautiful land, friendly people, and great surf. he discovered a part of himself he didn’t even know existed.

This book is John’s adventure in photos, over 190 high quality photos  (and a few words), it tells his story, what he encountered, what he saw and how he felt.

It has something for everyone. For surfers and backpackers, lovers of landscapes and traveling to distant lands but most of all it for those who may never get the opportunity to see what John saw and enjoy looking at beautiful photos.

John did two trips to this part of the world. After the first trip, he was home only five weeks before he was back on a plane for a second trip. He had fallen in love with the place. He felt comfortable there, the stress levels disappeared, John could be himself without any expectations from others.

“The photos you see are mine, they are real with very little post work. They didn’t need to be manipulated, the area is that beautiful”.

The book is for you to enjoy, to look at during those tough times, on wintery days, on the days you want to dream about distant lands with palm trees and lagoons at your front door, where the food came out of the ocean or from a tree 15 minutes before its served to you, where life slows down just enough for you to catch up.